Old backup users - [UserCacheManager.NoSuchUserExpt] User '[BACKUP USER NAME]' not found.

Why can't I find a new Backup user in Zimonitor?
I'm missing a Backup user in Zimonitor.


When Zimonitor tries to update all Backup users it starts by getting the list from the API of the OBS. If the process on the OBS runs into trouble it can't deliver any Backup users at all through the API.
We have seen this happen on the OBS v6 and the error message the OBS returns is:
[UserCacheManager.NoSuchUserExpt] User '[BACKUP USER NAME]' not found.

The reason for this seems to be that the OBS have found a Backup user folder in the user section of the server, but can't find that user elsewhere, and therefore returns the error.

The solution is to remove the old folder for the Backup user named in the error message, from the user section of the OBS. Our experience is that many OBS owner keep the old backup users just in case in the user section and rename them to "[BACKUP USER NAME].old". But it's best to move them to another folder though it seems to be a burden to the OBS. If that doesn't work, try add the user again from the OBS user interface, and then delete it from the same. If nothing of the above works you have to contact Ahsay to see if they can help you with the issue.

Note that you can have multiple Backup users blocking the API call, but the error message only shows one at a time.

You can try the API your self via a browser (if you haven't restricted the API for certain IP-addresses or is using the URL-rewriter setup).

The output should be in the XML-format containing all your Backup users, which normally is presented quite readable in the browser. The error on the other hand is very short, as above, and easy to read.

You can find all API related errors your server has reported lately in the Error tab of the server inside Zimonitor.