Disconnected backup servers

Why is the Backup server disconnected?


When Zimonitor detects 10 errors in a row, it temporary inactivates the Backup server from making further API calls. The main reason for that is to avoid unneccessary API calls to your server when it's busy, even though the Ahsay OBS and CBS are built to ignore the API calls while very busy.

Zimonitor is default set to try to re-activate the connection after 3 hours. It resets the errors and start over trying to call the API of your server.

You can set your own value for when the server should be re-activated again, on the Edit view of each Backup server in Zimonitor.

Restart time cykel


Common causes of inactivation:

  • New firewall rules blocking external access to the OBS/CBS
  • Changed username or password to the OBS/CBS
  • API calls are blocked in the OBS/CBS settings and Zimonitor's IP is not whitelisted (Open or restrict the API for the IP numbers of Zimonitor)
  • A very busy OBS/CBS not responding on API calls

On the Error tab of the Backup server in Zimonitor you can find more details on what kind of errors Zimonitor has detected.

Permanently inactivated

If there are no successful API connections after 1000 errors the Backup server is permanently inactivated. You can always activate the Backup server again in the Edit view of the Backup server.