Ahsay OBS Corrupted profile - UserCacheManager.login

Why can't I find a new Backup user in Zimonitor?
I'm missing a Backup user in Zimonitor.


The API gives an error about corrupted profile.

<err>[UserCacheManager.login] Profile corrupted '[a_backup_user_name]'. unexpected end of document</err>

The error message suggests that the user profile got corrupt, therefore, please check if you can open the Profile.xml for this account using the IE browser. The file would be located under the OBS server user home %User_home%\%username%\db folder.

If you are unable to open and view the whole content of the xml file via the browser, please try the following steps to recover the profile.

1. from the folder %User_home%\%username%\db rename the Profile.xml to Profile.xml.bak
2. under the same folder, copy the file Profile.xml.11 and rename this to Profile.xml
3. check under AhsayOBS web console to see if you can view the account %username%

This would use the old backup copy Profile.xml.11 to help recover the account.

Please refer to the article below for reference:

If all profile do not work for that user, please login to the OBM client machine, and send the config folder which is under the .obm folder to your Ahsay support contact, they need to recover the user's profile on their side.

You can find all API related errors your server has reported lately in the Error tab of the server inside Zimonitor.