Why Groups and Clients?

- Do I have to create Groups or Clients?
- No, you don't!

This is for you who has a larger number of Backup users or if you want to allow your customers to log in to Zimonitor to view a limited number of Backuo sers. If so, read this before you add the Backup server to Zimonitor, it might save you a lot of time.

- I have already added my Backup server, is it too late to create Groups and Clients?
- No, it can be done 
manually afterwards as well.

Beyond Ahsay's own structure of objects, Zimonitor offer an optional way to structure objects in Groups and Clients that you might find useful.
You can organize Backup users in Groups and Clients either manually or automatically.

A Backup user from your Backup server can belong to one Client. That Client can belong to one Group.
One Group can have many Clients and a Client can have many Backup users.

This structure can become handy when you:

  • have many customers
  • want to filter the Overview on specific customer(s)
  • want to give access to some customers just to see their data in Zimontor
  • store additional data to a group of Backup users

Both Groups and Clients can be used for filtering the Overview and for grant access to user of Zimonitor.

Groups and Clients can be created manually from the Dashboard and you can assign Backup users to a Client from the Assign Backup users view or from the Edit view of a Backup user. 

The automated way of creating Clients is configured on the Backup server in Zimonitor and comes with some options:

  • If each Backup user is a customer, then it might be wise to configure your Backup server to automatically create Clients
  • Do you want all Backup users form one Backup server to belong to one Client, that is alo an option 

For more details, see the Auto-creating Client objects option when you add your server at Dashboard >> Backup servers >> Add, or if you already created your Backup server, you find them at Dashboard >> Backup servers >> List