Tickets in Zimonitor

You can have Zimonitor to create tickets based on the status of the Backup jobs. You can configure to what status you want tickets to be created for, and you can also have them automatically closed if Backup jobs to the same Backup set later turn up with a sccessful status. You can also configure Zimonitor to create tickets when there has been a specified number of days since the last successful status has appeared. You find the ticket settings at Settings >> Tickets

General settings

The first you have to do is to select the general settings, meaning Standard or Day rule.

Ticket - General settings


Using the Standard setting, tickets are created based on Backup job status. The rule is applied per Backup set. Select what kind of status you are interested of to create tickets for, by marking the checbox to the left for each status, under Auto create tickets. Then in the Threshold field you add the number of which you want a ticket to be created on. A threshold value of "1" means Zimonitor will create a ticket on the first occurrance.. 

Mark Only single if only want one ticket of each status per Backup set to be created. This option is recommended since you might end up having a lot of tickets to close afterwards, but it's off course depending on how you chose to work with tickets. If you want Zimonitor to close the open tickets when the a later Backup job turns up with a successful status, then mark the Auto reset checkbox.

Single per Backup set

This is an extention of the Only single option. If this option is selected, only one ticket will be created per Backup set, no matter of which status the Backup jobs has. The rule will be applied on both Standard and Day rule, as long as Only single is selected in current rule.

Day rule

The Day rule can be used when you want to create tickets based on the number of days without successful Backup jobs. Even this rule is applied per Backup set. If this rule is active a ticket will be generated if no successful Backup job has been detected for the last specified number of days. However, the rule must be triggered by a Backup job, so if no job at all is detected for the Backup set, this rule will not be triggered and thereby no ticket will be created. This rule will overide any of the Standard settings.

For the Day rule you can also apply Only single and Auto reset, with the same behaviour as decribed above.