Security in Zimonitor Cloud

Zimonitor Cloud is hosted in a secured data center in northern Sweden with multiple internet connections, multiple emergency power supplies and the facility is in a fenced area and the building is protected for EMP and by Faraday cage.

Zimonitor Cloud is using https for web interface and you can use https in the connection to your backup server.The instance is isolated with own database and own unique database user.

You don't have to give away your administrator password, you can add a URL-rewriter script to your backup server, were you set up a unique API-key that Zimonitor will use instead. The script can restrict this API-key to only be used by a defined IP-range. We can also restrict the access to your cloud instance web interface by IP-ranges.

Since version 7 of the Ahsay CBS server API you can use a special kind of API-user instead of the Administrator user.

Extra security with URLrewrite