Guide for enabling API access from Zimonitor

Zimonitor requires API access to your OBS servers. Recent versions of OBS have no default restrictions on API access. If you have customized your web.xml file, or have upgraded through several OBS versions, please ensure that Zimonitor will be able to get API access to your OBS servers.

Open up the API

In obs/webapps/obs/WEB-INF/web.xml, find the section <filter-name>ApiAccess</filter-name>.
If a range parameter exists with the value, Zimonitor will successfully connect to your OBS servers.

If no such parameter exists, please add the following XML before </filter>;


Replace Range10 as appropriate for the number of existing IP filters. You will need to restart your OBS server for changes to take effect.


Adding an extra layer of security

Zimondo uses two primary grids for hosting Zimonitor solutions, you can further more restrict the access to your backup servers using these IP’s: